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How Much CBD Should I Take?

The optimal dose of CBD depends on your weight and the potency of the oil you’re using.
Learn how to find the perfect dose using our CBD dosage calculator.


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Low Dose (General Health, Nausea) Medium Dose (Nausea, Pain, Inflammation, Mild Insomnia, Mild Anxiety, Headaches) High Dose (Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Insomniam, Anxiety, Migranes, Epilepsy)

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Recommended dose of CBD

This calculation shows how much CBD you should be using, listed in milligrams (mg)

How much oil do I need?

This calculation shows how much of the oil you should be using to hit the reccommended CBD dose.

What’s the Normal Dose of CBD?

The most common dose of CBD is 20 – 40 mg per dose.Some people take much less (as low as 1 mg), others take much higher (up to 100 mg). Depending on the strength of the product you’re using, this could be anywhere from a few drops to several milliliters of oil. The truth is that the optimal dose of CBD is different for everybody.
It’s common for two people with identical weights to respond very differently to the same dose of CBD. One person may find the ideal dose for them is 30 mg of CBD, while the other person responds better to just 10 mg.

The best way to find the right dose for your body is to start with a very low dose (2 mg, for example) and increase by 2-5 mg per dose until you find what works best for you.

Calculating the Dose of CBD By Weight & Strength

While the dose of CBD is unique for everybody, there is a general rule of thumb that can be used to determine an estimated dose based on your weight and the strength of effects you’re looking for (low, medium, and high strength).
Our dosage calculator is based on the calculations listed below. These doses are estimates and should not be used to replace professional medical advice regarding dosage.

  • Low strength → 2 mg of CBD per 10 kg or 0.2 mg per 1 kg
  • Medium strength → 7 mg of CBD per 10 kg or 0.7 mg per 1 kg
  • High strength → 13 mg of CBD per 10 kg or 1.3 mg per 1 kg

Potency of CBD Oil per drop:

5% (500 mg) – 2.5 mg CBD one drop
10% (1000 mg) – 5 mg CBD one drop
15% (1500 mg) – 7.5 mg CBD one drop
20% (2000 mg) – 10 mg CBD one drop
25% (2500 mg) – 12.5 mg CBD one drop
30% (3000 mg) – 15 mg CBD one drop
40% (4000 mg) – 20 mg CBD one drop
50% (5000 mg) – 25 mg CBD one drop

Example How To Calculate Your Dose And Amount Of Drops From Your Weight

Let’s say you’re a 75 kg male, and you’re looking for a medium-strength dose.


All you need to do is multiply your total weight (75 kg) by the desired dose equivalent (0.7 mg per kg for medium strength).

[75 kg] x [0.7 mg] = 53 mg CBD 

So a good starting dose for you would be about 53 mg CBD per day in this case.

How to find the number of drops of CBD Oil you need ?


Let’s say you have bottle of CBD Oil of 10% (1000mg) strength. In chart above we can see that one drop of this strength of oil is 5 mg.

[53 mg] ÷ [5 mg] = 10.6 Drops of CBD Oil (11 drops)

An easier way to calculate is to use our calculator.

What CBD Strength Should I Use?

The more CBD you take, the stronger the effects. Some conditions require relatively strong CBD doses to offer any benefit — others may only need a low strength to provide notable results.

Ask yourself, “what am I using CBD oil for?”

This is an important question to ask because it will guide you in the direction of the right dose to take.

Dosing CBD: Finding the Perfect Dose of CBD Oil

The easiest way to find your optimal dose of CBD is to use the CBD dose calculator above to identify your “low strength” dose for your weight. Alternatively, you can use the calculations listed above to find the dosages based on your weight manually.

From here, you can gradually increase the dose each day until you find relief from symptoms or experience side effects (usually fatigue or grogginess). If you experience side effects, reduce the next dose to the last amount that didn’t cause any negative effects.

Never start at a high strength if you‘ve never used CBD oil before.